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$40 adoption fee.
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The Cat Network of Stanislaus is a nonprofit dedicated
 to the care and welfare of feral and stray cats, also
 known as community cats, of the greater Stanislaus
 County area.
 Spay/Neuter clinics are usually every Wednesday and
 some Saturdays.  

                  Please Fix Every Kitty!

Cat Network holds spay/neuter clinics for community cats
in conjunction with SAVED (Stanislaus Area Veterinarians
for Economically Disadvantaged)  at 201 Maze Blvd every Wednesday and one Saturday per month.

Call 209-735-0604 to make appointments to fix kitties, or
email .

July clinics will be one 1st, 9th, 17th, 18th, 23rd, 30th
Cost: $30 for feral cats in traps (males or females) and
          vaccinations and eartip are included.
          $30 for tame male cat, $40 tame for female cat,
          in carriers, vaccinations are $5 each extra.

For questions other than spay/neuter appointments
email .






  If you shop online, join and a     portion of each sale will be donated to
Cat Network!  Just click on the iGive logo above to register.

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