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Cat Network Humane Trapping Guidelines

1.  Establish a feeding routine.  Feed the kitties in the same place at the same time every day.

2.  Make an appointment with Cat Network for the number of kitties you hope to trap at one time, and arrange to borrow traps ($60 cash refundable deposit per trap.)  Call 735-0604 or email .

3.  If your appointment is for a  for example Wednesday, feed the cats a light meal the Monday evening before, then remove all the food.

4.  On the day before surgery, at regular feeding time set the trap(s.)  Line the trap with newspaper folded in half lengthwise and put tuna or smelly canned cat food on a small folded section of newspaper at the back of the trap.  Put a trail of very small food bits and juices on the newspaper from the front of the trap towards the back.  Move away from the area but stay close by where you can see, or at least hear, when the trap has been sprung.  Don't stay so close that you may scare the cats, and stay quiet while the cats investigate the trap.  Never leave any set trap unattended.

5.  Immediately after a cat has been caught in the trap quietly approach and cover the trap with a large towel or similar cover large enough to cover the whole trap.  Cats usually panic when caught and can seriously injure themselves.  Give the cat a few moments to calm down, then move the covered trap to a safe, quiet location indoors.  You can protect your floors with plastic, newspapers, old towels or bath rugs.  Never try to touch a trapped cat.

6.  If you do not catch any cats, or catch fewer than intended, by 9pm the night before the clinic, call 735-0604 and let us know.  We can give that appointment to someone else, and we will call you to schedule another appointment and give you more trapping tips.

7.  On day of surgery, transport the covered, trapped cats to the clinic.  Do not transport in the trunk of your car if there is no air flow.  If you transport in the bed of a pick-up truck you will need an additional blanket tied down over the traps and secured to the truck.   If the bed of the truck is hot also cover it with a towels, blankets, or rugs before putting the trapped cats in it.   Never leave the trapped cats in a hot vehicle, not even for one minute.   

8.  The clinic staff will call you to tell you when your cat(s) is ready to be picked up.  Your pick-up time could be as early as 1 pm.  If you do not receive a call by 4 pm, call the clinic at and ask when your cat(s) can be picked up.  Take the cat(s) home to the same quiet, safe, indoor location to recover from surgery.   Do not run errands with trapped cats in your vehicle.

9.  The next morning or afternoon, release the cat(s) exactly where they were trapped.  Do not hold any cat longer than 24 hours unless there are complications and a vet has told you to do so.  Cats are happiest when they get back to their routines and familiar territories.

>^.^<  You have now done TNR !